Women STaRs

Women STaRs with Julie Cruz-Blair

January 25, 2022 Shanti Harkness / Julie Cruz-Blair Season 1 Episode 36
Women STaRs
Women STaRs with Julie Cruz-Blair
Show Notes

On another great episode of the Women STaRs podcast, we have a wonderful conversation with Julie Cruz-Blair, the Executive Director of Leadership Lorain County. Julie is dedicated to giving back to her community and providing resources that help people reach their goals and thrive. She also serves on the Board for the Elyria YWCA as the Vice-Chair, is a member of the Elyria Sunrise, and is on the Board Development Committee for Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio.

Our episode with Julie is emotional, inspiring, and filled with humor. Join us as Julie discusses walking as a way to collect her thoughts, the importance and necessity of community, and even going through a divorce and being a single mom of three amazing kids. She dishes out great advice, such as getting over your FOMO and saying no when you need to recharge, or assessing people for who they are to determine who is a lesson and who is a blessing. She especially talks about the importance of family, blood or not, and even how your workplace should feel like a family as well. You won’t want to miss all of these great moments in our conversation—and so much more!

If you’d like to reach out to Julie, you can email her at jb4plus1@gmail.com, or call/text her at (440) 396-2394.

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“Family has always been important to me, and learning that family doesn’t always have to necessarily be blood, that was huge for me. When I was [going through a divorce], my sisters were there for me, and I knew they would always have my back.”

“Where I feel most celebrated is when all three of my children climb into my bed all at once and we talk…At a very young age, I was told I have endometriosis and I was not going to have children. So, my children, they are the best thing in my life. And watching them, after what we all went through, they are so open, so trusting, and so loving.”

“If anything, this pandemic has taught us that folks are very capable of getting what they need to get done, done…The whole mentality of 8 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours, that needs to be thrown out of the door.”

“You don’t have to accept every invite. You don’t have to say yes to every task. You need time to reenergize. Be okay with saying no.”