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Women STaRs with Gia Bell

September 07, 2021 Shanti Harkness / Gia Bell Season 1 Episode 26
Women STaRs
Women STaRs with Gia Bell
Show Notes

On this episode of the Women STaRs Podcast, we have the pleasure of speaking to Gia Bell. As a mother, community advocate, and driven worker, Gia has valuable and relatable advice that she’s gleaned from her life’s experiences, both good and bad. With awards like the 30 For the Future Award through the Young Professional Network, Congressional Recognition for her work on Autism, and much more, as well as her leadership work with organizations like United Way of Summit and Medina County and beyond, Gia is a wonderful representative of the power of passion, empathy, and determination.

For Gia, her struggles became lessons that she used to drive her towards success. She graduated college at 33 after dropping out at 19 to care for her family, rose from secretary to manager in her career, and finds purpose in giving back to her community through a multitude of roles and organizations. She is also involved in advocacy for autism, is raising a son with autism, and led the project at Cleveland Clinic Akron General to designate Cleveland Clinic the first Adult Autism Friendly Hospital in the nation.

In our interview with her, Gia recounts her struggles and the resilience she drew on to overcome them, giving back to those around her and putting her family first throughout it all. As she puts it, “I have had an extremely difficult road, but it’s leading to a beautiful destination.” 

Join us on this week’s episode to hear more of Gia’s accomplishments and incredibly useful pieces of wisdom. If you’d like to reach out to Gia, you can email her at giabell37@gmail.com, or call/text her at 330-338-401.

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“I’ve been able to grow from both good and bad experiences. In all of the experiences I’ve had, I’ve learned from each one of them. And I’m more resilient because of those experiences.”

“I have had an extremely difficult road, but it’s leading to a beautiful destination.”

“I put my children and my family first…I can always work on my career and work on my goals; I won’t have forever to raise my children. Whether it means I need to stay up late to do my work, whatever I need to do, I put my children first.”

“I measure success by the impact that I make and the lives that I change. In order to do that, you have to be willing to give back and you have to know that your life’s journey is way bigger than you. What I do now, I hope that it impacts generations to come.”