Women STaRs

Women STaRs with Liz Ferro

February 23, 2021 Shanti Harkness Season 1 Episode 12
Women STaRs
Women STaRs with Liz Ferro
Show Notes

This week on Women STaRs, we are speaking with Liz Ferro, speaker, author, marathoner, Ironman triathlete, and non-profit founder. Living in various foster homes as a very young child, Liz is a survivor of child sexual abuse who found hope, confidence, and healing through sports and fitness. This empowerment led her to find the award-winning non-profit organization, Girls with Sole, where she helps other young girls who are at-risk or have experienced abuse of any kind. 

Liz shares her struggles with overcoming the effects of abuse and learning to trust again and be vulnerable with someone else, not letting critics hold her back, and the power of doing the impossible.

Join us as Liz shares why she sets lofty goals that scare her (in a good way, that gives her strength), the necessity of taking time to care for yourself, the power of self-awareness, and what she wishes she would have known sooner in life.

To learn more or to connect with Liz, you can email: Liz@GirlsWithSole.org or connect with her on Instagram: @GirlsWithSole.

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“I was trying to be a normal person on the outside, but I had a lot of inner turmoil on the inside.”

“During my struggles, every time I needed help, whether it was just a mental housecleaning, or I needed to get anger out or anxiety was out the yin yang… sports and fitness were always the answer.”

“When you think of the finish line, you think of the end, but in my mind, it's the beginning of what's possible.”

“In my mind, physical triumphs and physical strength is directly correlated to emotional strength, and you really gain both when you set a goal that's really scary.”

“That’s what I think success is: helping somebody else realize their own powers, or their own self-awareness, or their own happiness, and sharing it with them.”