Women STaRs

Women STaRs with Catherine Bosley

February 22, 2022 Shanti Harkness / Catherine Bosley Season 1 Episode 38
Women STaRs
Women STaRs with Catherine Bosley
Show Notes

This week on Women Stars, we’re ecstatic to bring you a wonderful episode with Catherine Bosley, owner of CJB Productions LLC and award-winning journalist. Catherine worked for many years as a news anchor in Akron and Cleveland, earning her prestigious honors such as Associated Press Awards and Emmy Award nominations. She is also known for her battle with online humiliation after images of her were spread online, resulting in struggles both mentally and legally.

With accomplishments like a TedX talk, our conversation with Catherine was bound to be filled with great wisdom, and it surely is. Tune in as Catherine discusses overcoming her health issues with both heart disease and lung disease, facing the overwhelming and isolating struggle that is being humiliated online, and how she uses acronym like PACT (People, Abandon, Connect, This Too Shall Pass) to help herself and others get through hard times. She also discusses inspiring topics like taking back her own power through legal avenues after her online incident and learning to step aside from work to preserve her work/life balance.

If you’d like to get in touch with Catherine, you can find her on most social medias, or you can visit her website, catherinebosley.com, where you can also buy her book, Forever and For All to See

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“We need to be so cautious about what we do online and off. There is so little room for that ‘What was I thinking?’ moment before something becomes part of your forever and for all to see.”

“How many of you have gone through something and you feel like you’re never going to survive it? And you do. We’ve all been through those types of situations, and you survive it. And not only do you survive it, you’re stronger, you’re wiser, and you’re more equipped to help other people.”

“Be mindful that what think is just for the moment, it’s not just for the moment anymore.”

“Be very aware of the necessity to step aside, to set time aside…No more ‘one more thing’ when you’ve made a promise to spend time with your family or even yourself.”